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Top Science Tourism Trips for Autumn and Winter 2022


The cool north awakens in the autumn and winter to bring you wildlife, bracing winds, icy glaciers, powdery snow, sled rides and magical lights.

If you’re looking for some winter travel inspiration, check out our top ten picks…

 1. Icefjord Sleepover | Greenland

Dog sled to the Ilulissat Icefjord for an overnight stay in a heated tent and if you’re lucky, see the magical Northern Lights before heading up towards the Glacier Sermeq Avannarleq. A physically demanding trip of a lifetime!

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 2. Ice Cave Tour | Iceland

A family-friendly guided adventure exploring the stunning ice caves, walking underneath ancient ice before hiking on the magnificent glacier.

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 3. Night Visit to Aurora Sky Station | Sweden

See the magical northern lights from the Aurora Sky Station. Light displays can be seen almost every night and the fantastic aurora exhibition will help you better understand the Aurora Borealis.

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 4. Aurora Adventure and Home Visit | Finland

Experience an arctic night ride in a glass-topped sled to chase the Northern Lights. Join this aurora adventure in the remote area of Inari for great locations to see the Northern Lights without light pollution.

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 5. Backcountry Sleepover | Greenland

Hike on snowshoes to the backcountry of Nuuk and spend a night in a tent between the mountains. Experience the thrill of hiking, storytelling, wild camping and incredible arctic landscapes.

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 6. North West Highlands Geopark Geotour | Scotland
Autumn is the perfect time to explore and interpret the geology of the wild and remote highland landscape of Scotland.

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 7. Whale Watching and Research | Norway

Learn about – and hopefully sight – the whales off the Vesterålen islands, and in particular, the male sperm whale.

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 8. Experience the life of a Sami Reindeer Herder | Finland

See and experience reindeer in their natural habitat, the frozen tundra of the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. Sámi reindeer herder Nils-Matti Vasara takes you to his flock in the tundra, were the animals roam freely. A truly unique and unforgettable experience that you will not find anywhere else.

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 9. West Coast Odyssey Cruise | Scotland

A four night cruise between Mallaig and Ullapool taking in some of the most dramatic and wild coastal scenery of the Western Highlands of Scotland. Sea to shore you can expect dolphins, porpoise, eagles, otters and basking shark.

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 10. Dog Sled Trip to the Northern Lights | Greenland

Spend a week in the Ittoqqortoormiit region, dog sledding and following the incredible Aurora Borealis.

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