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Adventures in Scientific Tourism

An exciting fusion of science, travel and learning to spark and satisy your curiosity. Unique. Authentic. Sustainable.

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Iceland Top Pick

Eco Citizen Science

Join a team of whale scientists, marine biologists and expert sailors for the experience of a lifetime.

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Finland Top pick

Explore Arctic Nature

Discover ancient woods along lakes and mystic mires with a biologist led nature walk.

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Scotland Top Pick

Basking Shark Research Tours

Collect samples, sightings and data and swim with sharks on this adventurous conservation tour.

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Are you ready for an adventure in science tourism?

Science tourism is all about combining travel, science and learning to give you the best experience. So much of travelling is about seeing new things. Science tourism helps you understand them. It’s outdoor learning at its best, led by locals who are passionate about their subject.

Science tourism and the environment

Seeing a whale up close, observing its behaviour and understanding its feeding patterns, migratory routes and predators is a magical experience. An experience that inspires a desire to conserve the whale’s environment – whether by reducing plastics use, choosing small eco-friendly boat tours, or campaigning to address climate change. This is the potential of science tourism; it creates natural stewards and ambassadors for our environment.