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Ancient People and Animals

Enrich your travel by immersing yourself in learnings from rock carvings, runestones, ancient burial grounds, prehistoric sites, hill forts and fossils.

Seek travel. Seek knowledge. Seek wonder.

Travel to Experience Archaeology and Palaeontology

Good conservation is based on a sound understanding of what we’re protecting.

Archaeology and palaeontology give us fascinating insight into life in all its forms. Fossils provide evidence of evolution and archaeological artefacts tell us what life was like at different stages in that evolution. They provide clues to lost civilisations such as Greenland’s Vikings and living societies alike.

The cool North of Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands offers a wealth of archaeological and paleontological interest. From the Rödsten of Sweden to the petroglyphs of Finland and the Jurassic ammonites of Scotland, this is one huge field trip! Search for dinosaur prints on the Scottish Island of Skye, see craftspeople work with traditional Viking methods in Trondheim or land at Segelsällskapets Fjord to experience the folded brown and white dolomite layers.