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Bathe in deep green forests scattered with pure clear rivers and streams. Explore the contrasts between Medieval history and culture-rich cities. Retire to an ice hotel or a tent pitched in the wild. This is Sweden, land of the free.

Discover. Experience. Expand your mind.

  • 2,099m

    Highest mountain (Kebnekaise)

  • 5,650 km²

    Biggest lake (Vänern)

  • 63%

    Covered by forest

  • 528,447


Scientific Tourism in Sweden

A WONDER SEEKERS trip will enthuse and inspire you to learn about the real Sweden: its incredible history and world heritage sites, dazzling frozen landscapes and wildlife safaris.

Our immersive travel adventures will take you beyond the superficial for a unique, immersive experience. From the deep lush forests to the engineering feats of the Göta Canal, the Birka archaeological site to the reindeer and moose of the nature reserves, Sweden’s free spirit will evoke a desire to uncover more. 

WONDER SEEKERS experiences are founded on the principles of sustainable travel and eco-tourism. Sweden has introduced an EcoTourism Charter and set up ‘Nature’s Best’, Europe’s first eco-label.

Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden is characterised by pure clean air and dazzling frozen landscapes. Its’ extreme temperatures, mystical light and wilderness give it a sense of ‘otherworldliness’.

In this natural wonderland, severe winters with long nights contrast with the long summer days and midnight sun. Here you can experience off-grid adventures and authentic Sami culture and traditions. The area is ideal for salmon fishing, dog sledding, Nordic skiing and guided foraging excursions.

The north also boasts three spectacular national parks. Explore the famous Kings Trail, discover the networks of hiking and canoe trails and experience the design highlights of the Ice Hotel.

Central Sweden

Central Sweden is archetypal Sweden with its vast pine forests broken only by lakes, towns and villages. You’ll find this a place of tranquillity with charming traditional villages, vast skies, big sunsets and an abundance of wildlife.

Situated in central Sweden, the capital city of Stockholm is set on an archipelago of fourteen islands, connected by 57 bridges. The city is a hotspot for culture with world-class museums and galleries. But you’re never far from nature with wild swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking and stunning beaches within easy reach.

Southern Sweden

A holiday favourite for Swedes, Southern Sweden offers beautiful inland lakes, historic towns and the progressive city of Malmö. The area is rich in storytelling and you can truly immerse yourself in history and nature.

The eastern island of Gotland is famous for the Hanseatic city of Visby but less well known are its rauks: large rock formations carved by the Baltic Sea which have a magical feel. To the west, the small coastal city of Gothenburg offers easy access to bouldering and island walks in the archipelago.

In the south, Skåne’s wild lakes, rivers and forests allow for a spot of restorative forest bathing while Sweden’s only completely restored Viking village (Foteviken) will teach you more about history than a book ever could.

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