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Scientific Tourism Explained

An exciting fusion of science, travel and immersive learning.

Scientific Tourism in Scotland

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Beneath Ben Nevis
Stories in the shadows: a guided walk to Ben Nevis with a difference.

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Scientific Tourism in Iceland

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Glacier Walk and Ice Climb.
An Icelandic glacier walk with the twist of an ice climb.

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Scientific Tourism in Greenland

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Icefjord Sailing.
Experience the mighty icebergs of Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland.

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Scientific Tourism in the Mediterranean

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Cetaceans and Marine Megafauna
Discover life aboard a sailboat, anchorages, nights at sea and eco-responsible navigation.

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Sociology and anthropology

Make connections with the past, present and future by enriching your travels with sociological and anthropological perspectives. Immerse yourself in indigenous cultures, communities, traditions and rituals to get a better understanding of what makes us uniquely human.

Astronomy and meteorology

Harness the skies as your observatory and appreciate the science behind breath-taking natural spectacles. Gaze and wonder at the midnight sun, magnificent storms and stunning Northern Lights and gain an insight into our place within our vast universe.

Geology, geomorphology, glaciology, volcanology

Learn how the earth's natural living processes interact to create magnificent volcanic landscapes, vast ice fields, bubbling thermal spas and spectacular geysers. Our travel experiences offer unparalleled opportunities for geological exploration of the past, present and future. These living processes continue to shape our planet. Understanding them has never been more important as we strive to preserve our environment.

Archaeology and palaeontology

Archaeology (the study of human artefacts and remains) and palaeontology (the study of fossils) tell us how life, landscapes, climates and societies developed. Together, they give us a valuable insight into how people lived and what they valued. Understanding past ways of life, patterns and changes helps us to predict, plan and preserve for future generations

Marine science

The cool north sits amid several different seas and oceans and owes much of its heritage to them. We all know that sea temperatures are rising, but marine science tells us so much more; from ocean acidity to coastal flooding, it has huge relevance to each to every one of us.

Ornithology, botany, ecology, forestry and mycology

Healthy populations of plants and animals are critical for life. Thankfully, we nearly all have an innate affinity with nature. The cool north offers opportunities to experience and help conserve magnificent species such as whales, golden eagles, basking sharks and more.

Climate change and soil science

As ice caps melt and wildfires rage, we cannot fail to be aware of climate change. Go beyond the headlines and you’ll appreciate the enormity of the challenge we face. From changing seasonal temperatures to the impact on the soil where we build our homes, understanding the science behind climate change will help us prepare, and ultimately, survive.

Renewable energy

Our natural world is teeming with energy. From the power of the tides to the rays of the sun, we are learning how to store and harness natural energy. Geothermal energy (or geo-energy), which uses heat from the sub-surface of the earth, is of particular interest to engineers and scientists in the cool north. The more we understand its application and potential the more we can do to cleanly power our world.

Citizen science

Opportunities for citizen science lie at the heart of the WONDER SEEKERS philosophy. We want you to experience the transformative power of increasing scientific knowledge. We firmly believe that everyone can be enthused by the opportunity to participate in meaningful science, whether it’s counting arctic birds, measuring night sky brightness or taking ice samples at the North Pole. It all has a huge value - and perhaps an even greater personal benefit.

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