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Explore Greenland to unearth rivers of ice, hot springs, and rare mineral deposits. Experience authentic Inuit culture and be spellbound by mythical tales under the midnight sun.

Discover. Experience. Expand your mind.

  • 2,166,000

    Land Area (km²)

  • < 100

    Total populated area (km²)

  • 56,000


  • 80%

    Covered in Ice

Scientific Tourism in Greenland

A WONDER SEEKERS trip will enthuse and inspire you to learn about the real Greenland; its icy adventures and rich heritage. 

Our immersive travel adventures will take you beyond the superficial for a unique, immersive experience. From encounters with Erik the Red to arctic wildlife, hot springs and floating icebergs, the arctic wilderness of Greenland will inspire a deep quest for knowledge. And of course, no trip would be complete without an epic excursion on a dog sled. 

WONDER SEEKERS experiences are founded on the principles of sustainable travel and eco-tourism. We encourage all visitors to find out more about how to travel responsibly. 

The National Park

Located in the north of Greenland, the National Park is roughly the size of France and Spain. For thousands of years, the high Arctic animals have provided life for various Inuit cultures and, along the coast, you can spot the remains of many ancient settlements. The Ittoqqortoormiit still visit to hunt but now the area is home to fewer than fifty permanent residents who staff the weather monitoring stations. The Zackenberg Climate Change Research Station is located here, and the park attracts many scientific expeditions.

East Greenland

Just a short flight from Iceland, East Greenland is strongly influenced by myths and legends and boasts several rock and bone carvings. Nowadays, it’s a place of adventure where you can experience climbing, kayaking and mountaineering.

South Greenland

A land of green pastures, South Greenland is home to sheep farms, fishing and hunting, ice fjords and Norse history. Here you can enjoy the contrasts of city culture and dirt road hiking, and even, in Narsaq, cowboy history!

Capital Region

The stylish and colourful capital of Nuuk offers an intriguing mixture of the traditional and contemporary. Explore the pretty harbour area for a flavour of the city’s heritage and traditions or the Nuuk Art Museum to unearth Inuit culture old and new. The Katuaq Cultural Centre is inspired by the Northern Lights, and tours of the city and parliament tell of artic living and the move towards Greenland Independence. Nuuk is close to becoming the world’s first certified sustainable capital city.

Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle region is a place of extremes and adventure. Here you can enjoy the exhilaration of dog sledding, skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing and kayaking.

Disko Bay

Located on the west coast of Greenland, the nutrient-rich waters of Disko bay provide the habitat for a wide range of species including hothead, humpback and killer whales. The bird population thrives, and arctic foxes, hares and ptarmigan can be spotted around the bay.

North Greenland

North Greenland is ruled by the polar night in winter and the midnight sun in summer. The region is often considered the epitome of arctic experiences: icebergs, arctic nature, dog sledding, tiny hunting and fishing communities and Inuit culture. Qaanaaq, long romanticised by poets and explorers as the ‘top of the world’, continues to attract pioneers and its inhabitants take pride in being the real people behind the classic Inuit associations.

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