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Explore the land of a thousand lakes to experience polar night magic, cool pure air, wood-burning saunas and traditional and contemporary culture.

Discover. Experience. Expand your mind.

  • 338,430

    Land Area (km²)

  • 34,540

    Lakes and rivers (km²)

  • 227,690

    Forests (km²)

  • 6,308

    Mainland coastline (km²)

Scientific Tourism in Finland

A WONDER SEEKERS trip will enthuse and inspire you to learn about the real Finland, its indigenous culture, legendary skies and breath-taking geography and nature. 

Our immersive travel adventures will take you beyond the superficial for a unique, immersive experience. From the traditional reindeer farms of Lapland to the bustle of Helsinki, the Saimma ringed seals of Lakeland and the Turku archipelago of the south, Finland offers a wealth of opportunities for discovery and learning. And that’s before we even touch on the legendary Northern Lights. 

WONDER SEEKERS experiences are founded on the principles of sustainable travel and eco-tourism. We encourage all visitors to Finland to take the Sustainable Finland Pledge; a promise to respect and treasure Finnish nature, its inhabitants and culture during your visit.


Set in the north of Finland, Lapland holds a special fascination for visitors. Perhaps most famous for its associations with Christmas, Lapland offers so much more; summer midnight sun, pure air and water and living indigenous cultures.

Visit Lapland and you’ll discover the Sami people, traditional reindeer farms and even gold. The vast wilderness of Lemmenjoki and Uhro Kekkoned National Parks provide the backdrop for enduring cultural traditions and, of course, the spectacular Northern Lights.


True to its name, Lakeland is a blue maze of lakes, island rivers and canals stretching for hundreds of miles in a beautiful, tranquil expanse.

Visit to experience the organic forest of Tertti, the native Saimma ringed seal and the ancient Astuvansalmi rock paintings which date back to 4000-2200 BC.


The bustling capital city of Helsinki has a unique character which comes from its proximity to the sea and its unique location between the East and West. Known for design and high tech, Helsinki also offers easy access to the old fortress island of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts wonderful museums and art galleries, plus the contrast of a sheltered swimming bay.

Coast and Archipelago

The south coast of Finland is home to the world’s largest archipelago and hosts three UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s the ideal place to explore historical wooden towns and manors, lighthouses, stone churches, and large national parks stretching over land and sea.

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