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Plants and Animals

Experience nature in all its glory. Enjoy a raptor masterclass, discover golden eagles or get involved in citizen science.

Seek travel. Seek knowledge. Seek wonder.

Travel to Experience Nature

Experience landscapes and seascapes on our exciting immersive learning adventures.

The science of plants and animals is huge and incorporates the disciplines of ornithology, botany, ecology, forestry and mycology. In a world dominated by technology, we can easily feel overwhelmed. Nature offers us the perfect antidote: time to relax and reflect on our place in the delicate ecosystem. 

Our nature experiences cater to both broad and specific interests. They offer the opportunity to reconnect with nature. To go beyond observation to discover, learn, track, record, appreciate and understand. 

The cool North of Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands offers a huge natural habitat. From the red squirrels of Scotland to the humpback whales of Norway and the Saima ringed seals of Finland, there are so many species and habitats to discover.