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Spectacular saltwater fjords, lush green vegetation, and steep mountain peaks. Wide-open spaces and big skies. Norway, the land of the midnight sun, awaits.

Discover. Experience. Expand your mind.

  • > 25,148

    Coastline (KM)

  • 2,469 m

    Highest peak (Galdhøpiggen)

  • 204 km

    Longest fjord (The Sognefjord)

  • 487 km²

    Largest glacier (Jostedalsbreen)

Scientific Tourism in Norway

A WONDER SEEKERS trip will enthuse and inspire you to learn about the real Norway: its rich history, its culture and its affinity with the great outdoors. 

Our immersive travel adventures will take you beyond the superficial for a unique, immersive experience. From the wolves, black bears and musk oxen of the wild to the world-class museums of Oslo, the magical ice caves of the Svalbard islands to reminders of Soviet Union history, Norway will ignite a spark for discovery and learning. 

WONDER SEEKERS experiences are founded on the principles of sustainable travel and eco-tourism. We encourage all visitors to take a look at Norway’s Sustainable Travel Destinations and Green Travel Inspiration.

Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway has so much more to experience than fjords: fairy-tale scenery, historic towns, glaciers, breath-taking waterfalls and huge mountain ridges accessible only by cable car. Everywhere is connected by roads which are a feat of modern engineering; they look like they defy gravity but provide a remarkably smooth ride.

Eastern Norway

If you’re travelling with young families and enjoy the good life, Eastern Norway is for you. Oslo offers the cultural highlights of the Opera House and Munch Museum, whilst being small enough to explore on foot. Just a short drive away, the Kistefos Museum features The Twist: one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Follow the Viking Trail to step back in time in a living museum, take a paddle steamer across Lake Mjøsa or enjoy one of the many boat excursions near the Swedish border.

Northern Norway

Northern Norway is the land of arctic adventures. Most famous for the Northern Lights, this is the home of Sami culture where you can hear the captivating sound of the traditional yolk chant. Fishing is big here and whale safaris are plentiful. Go island hopping to experience cosy villages, and venture into Tromsø to discover old wooden houses, fascinating war history and rich cultural offerings.

Southern Norway

Known as the ‘smiling south’, Southern Norway is a popular holiday destination for Norwegians. This is a great place to enjoy beach life and bucket-list opportunities. Explore the Ice Age potholes at Brufjell, dine under the sea, and experience life in a lighthouse.

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